The Israelis have taught reconnaissance drone to drop inflatable rafts

Israeli company Elbit Systems has developed for tactical reconnaissance UAV Hermes 900 system to reset the inflatable life rafts. As writes Flightglobal, thanks to this machine can be used in long-term search-and-rescue operations at sea.

Drones can be of great benefit in the search and rescue of people at sea after any accidents. Such devices are able to stay longer in the air than manned aircraft and helicopters. In addition, reconnaissance drones are usually equipped with equipment that can quickly detect people in the water or on land.

According to the statement of Elbit Systems, the Hermes 900 is equipped with reconnaissance systems, by which water can be quickly detected survivors. The phone has a radar, thermal and optical-electronic system with high resolution.

System reset rafts is a four pylons installed at two under the left and right wing panels. Each pylon is mounted on one inflatable raft, each of which can be reset by the operator. When immersed in water, the raft inflates automatically. Minimum discharge height of the raft is 180 meters.

According to developers, they have already passed one of the Hermes 900 system to reset the rafts to the customer in South-East Asia. In addition, Elbit Systems intends to participate in the tender of the Maritime safety Agency and coast guard of the UK SAR-2G for the supply of different classes of UAVs for search and rescue operations.

In February 2020 American company UAVOS presented converted to a cargo drone lightweight double helicopter Robinson R-22. This device is designed for delivery and for use in search-and-rescue and humanitarian operations.

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