The Israelis tested a tactical ballistic missile

The company Israel Aerospace Industries has conducted two flight tests of tactical ballistic missiles LORA (Long Range Artillery Weapon System, artillery weapon system long range). According to the message of the Israeli company, the missiles were launched from the ship with land-based mobile launchers.

Currently in service with the Israel is the family of ballistic missile “Jericho”, which includes operational-tactical missiles and medium-range missiles. This ammunition is capable of hitting targets at ranges from 500 to 4800 kilometers.

The development of the LORA is conducted since the beginning of 2000-ies in the framework of the programme on creation of high-precision operatively-tactical ballistic missiles. Technical details about the ammunition not disclosed. We only know that this is a single-stage solid propellant missile weighing about 1.7 tons. The munition is equipped with inertial and satellite navigation systems.

LORA missiles placed in transport-launch container, which can be stored without maintenance for up to 7 years. The complex also developed a marine version. In this case, the missiles can be accommodated in a standard sea transport container, four of the munition.

Flight tests of the LORA with the marine vessel was held on 2 June 2020. They were carried out in the interests of an unnamed customer. All were produced by two launching missiles at targets at ranges of 90 and 400 kilometers. The developers report that both objectives were successfully hit. According to IAI, the circular error probable LORA at ranges of 400 kilometers is only 10 meters.

The main work on the development of LORA completed, but operational tactical complex is not yet adopted of Israel. According to unconfirmed reports, several complexes LORA purchased Azerbaijan.

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