The Israelis turned the drone of “aaromale” in the six-seater air taxi

The Israeli company Metro Skyways, a subsidiary of Urban Aeronautics, has prepared a draft future urban six-seater air taxi CityHawk and agreed with a Singaporean company Charter helicopter flights Ascent on the commercialization of the aircraft. As writes AINonline, under the terms of the agreement, Ascent will deal with the commercialization CityHawk in Asia.

Development CityHawk is 2017 on the basis of UAV Cormorant (previously developed by the project AirMule). The latter is created for the military and rescue services as the transport of ammunition, provisions, and aircraft for medical evacuation.

Cormorant is being developed since 2010. In 2013, the unit made its first flight on a predetermined route, and in 2015 — fully Autonomous flight with an independent calculation of the route. Cormorant is equipped with two fans positioned parallel to the ground in the body, as well as two pusher fans in the rear. Take-off weight of the device is 1.4 tons.

The Cormorant UAV is capable of speeds up to 180 kilometers per hour, can stay aloft for up to five hours and can carry loads up to 635 kilograms. The maximum altitude of the satellite is 3.7 thousand meters.

Under the project, the CityHawk will be fully implemented electric powered electric motors and on-Board systems from a hydrogen battery. The first flight of a promising six-seater air taxi is scheduled for 2021. The developers believe that CityHawk will significantly improve the efficiency heliports and increase air passenger transportation in cities and between city and suburbs.

Earlier it became known that the Chinese company EHang concluded with the authorities of the Spanish city Seville agreement on the development, organization, and development of unmanned air taxi service. Under the agreement the city will create the infrastructure for service, send and receive unmanned aerial vehicles.

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