The Japanese have been developing hypersonic anti-ship missiles

The Agency for procurement, technology and supplies of the Ministry of defense of Japan announced the beginning of the program of development of hypersonic anti-ship missile that can also hit ground targets. As writes Naval News, design work was started in 2019, and fully developing a new munition is scheduled to be completed in 2030-ies. Originally planned to create a missile launched from a ground install, but then will be developed a version for launch from F-35 Lightning II, F-15J/DJ Eagle and F-2.

Today, Japan has several territorial disputes with its neighbors, including China and. China, actively expanding carrier fleet, according to Japanese authorities, the greatest threat to its territorial integrity. For this reason, Japanese enterprises of military-industrial complex engaged in the development of several types of weapons, including hypersonic, which can help the country to confront the neighbors.

Promising missile is scheduled to perform a two-step. The first step would be to accelerate the munition to a speed of Mach 3. The missile itself will get a combined dual-mode propulsion DMSJ, which combines the properties of supersonic and hypersonic ramjet engines. In a supersonic ramjet mode, the rocket engine will start to run after the acceleration of the munition to 3 Mach. It will disperse ammunition to Mach 5 and go in the hypersonic regime, in which, theoretically, will be able to provide flight speeds of Mach 15.

Under the project, the hypersonic missile can fly at high altitude at hypersonic speeds and maneuver, significantly complicating its interception. The flight of the missile to the target will be a combined GPS and inertial navigation system. In addition, for the guidance of the munition will meet radar and thermal imaging guidance system. The missile is equipped with one of two types of warheads: penetrating and piercing, with many formed by the explosion of percussion cores. The latter will be used to destroy ground targets.

Earlier it became knownthat the enterprises of the military-industrial complex, Japan has begun to develop anti-ship hypersonic glider that you plan to use primarily to defeat aircraft carriers of the potential enemy. Ammunition is developed on the basis of a hypersonic glider for hitting land targets, the creation of which is in 2019. The development of two versions of a hypersonic glider is part of the project HVGP.

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