The Japanese showed a non-stop transfer cargo drone

Japanese engineers published a video of the test system non-stop cargo transfer drones. It consists of high-speed cameras that track the trajectory of the drone and adjusting the load position so that he could seize the cargo hook without stopping and additional maneuvers. Development was presented at the conference IEEE ITSC 2019.

In recent years, many companies have started to use a multicopter for transporting cargo in situations when high speed of delivery, for example, in the case of medical tests, or the cargo to be delivered to or from remote places. While the drones spend your very limited supply of energy for landing and takeoff in order to pick up or to lose weight. Recently we told about the project, allowing drones (although the aircraft type) to dump the cargo with a sufficiently high precision without landing, but for the seizure of the goods until such schemes do not apply.

Engineers from the University of Tokyo under the guidance of Masatoshi Ishikawa (Masatoshi Ishikawa) created a system for the transmission of cargo to the drone, which operates independently from the flying machine, and essentially performs all the work for him. It consists of two subsystems responsible for monitoring the trajectory of the flying drone: near and far. The far consists of cameras with relatively low frame rate (200 per second) and so it gets bright enough footage. Once the drone reaches the working area near the tracking system, management is given to her. It consists of two cameras with illumination and a frequency of 1000 frames per second.

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