The Koreans presented the project of a stealth drone

The South Korean company Korean Air introduced the draft prospective unmanned aerial vehicle KUS-FC, which will be made with wide application of stealth technology. As written by Aviation Week, a demonstrator of the new device is planned to collect till the end of 2020, if the government will allocate this funding. Overall, the project is scheduled for completion by 2030.

Korean Air develops UAV KUS-FC with 2011. The first model was presented to the public a few years ago, but details about the project so far were not disclosed. According to the plans of the South Korean air force, advanced apparatus, first entered service in the reconnaissance version. Then KUS-FC will be finalized before the shock version.

Promising Korean drone designed by the scheme “flying wing”. Despite the fact that KUS-FC will go into service in the reconnaissance version, the project initially provides for the internal compartments weapons. According to the project, KUS-FC will have a length of 10 meters and a wingspan of 16 meters. It is assumed that the UAV can stay aloft for up to 6 hours.

The developers have not yet decided on the propulsion system of the new device. Currently, South Korea is developing its own turbofan engine for aircraft, however, the timing of the completion of this project are yet to be clearly defined.

It is not excluded that at the first stage KUS-FC get American turbofan engine F100-PW-220U without afterburner. The production of such power plants has been the company Pratt & Whitney. This engine is capable of developing a thrust of up to 65 kN.

At the end of last year, the Indonesian company PT Dirgantara Indonesia showed the first flight model of the prospective impact of the drone Elang Hitam (Black eagle) to national development. The device has a length of 8.7 meters, a wingspan of 16 meters and a height of 2.6 meters. The drone can stay aloft for 30 hours.

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