The last 30 years in Europe was a record flood for five hundred years

The period 1990 to 2016 was one of the most significant periods of flooding in Europe over the past 500 years, very often these natural disasters began to occur in the North-West and Central part of the region. This period differs from previous floods began to occur against the background of increasing air temperature, not decrease, as it was before, and began to have a more pronounced seasonality – more than half of the floods now happening in the summer. Article published in the journal Nature.

In the last decades in Europe has been a series of devastating floods, some studies show an increase in their frequency over the past 50 years and attributed these disasters to global climate change. It is known that for the last 500 years in Europe were at least four periods of frequent flooding in 1540-1600, 1640-1700, 1730-1790, and the years 1790-1840. To understand whether the current era is another round of natural disasters and to compare it with similar periods in history, the floods of past centuries must be carefully examined.

Scientists under the leadership of Bless günther (Günter Blöschl) from the technical University of Vienna investigated the floods in Europe that occurred in the last 500 years. They used historical documents, Chronicles, Chronicles, administrative documents, Newspapers, official and private correspondence. They managed to gather information about the nine periods of flood, which included 9576 episodes in 103 European rivers. The results were reflected in a three-dimensional matrix with the size of the voxel 41 km × 48 km × 4 of the year. For the climactic analysis of periods of flooding, the study authors turned to the reconstruction of air temperature in Europe over the last 500 years, as well as data on the seasonality of floods in the floodplains.

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