The launch of the Rover “Perseverance” postponed

Experts again delayed the start of the mission “Mars-2020” in the space, now it needs to be held from 30 July to 15 August 2020. This is due to anomalous data received by the sensors during the filling tests of the carrier rocket Atlas V 541, reported on the website NASA.

The Rover “Perseverance”, which had been developed in the framework of the new program of NASA “Mars-2020”, will be the most perfect of planetokhods ever worked on the red planet. List scientific goals of the Rover is extensive, it includes search of signs of the existence of past microbial life forms in crater Lake, collecting soil samples, which will be placed in a sealed vial, and in the future will be delivered on the Ground in the framework of the MSR (Mars Sample Return Mission), as well as studies related to future manned missions to Mars, such as the study of weather conditions and dust storms on the planet and verification of technology of production of oxygen from Martian atmosphere. In addition, the Rover will take to the planet’s surface drone is the Mars Helicopter, a microchip recorded on it the names of the ten millions of people, and also a plaque in honor of the doctors of the Earth.

Initially, the launch of the Rover in space was planned for 20 July 2020, however, due to delays caused during the boot of the Rover and landing system in the fairing of the launch vehicle, the launch was postponed for two days. Now, the specialists have decided to postpone the first launch attempt, before July 30. This is due to anomalous data received by the sensors of the liquid oxygen in the tanks during a recent fueling test of the launch vehicle Atlas V 541, which takes time to check all systems.

End date period start was moved from 5 to 15 August 2020, the date of the landing of the Rover on Mars is not changed and is scheduled for February 18, 2021. If “Perseverance” will not be launched until the end of August, the start will take immediately to 2022.

In the mid 2022 on Mars needs to land another Mars Rover, named in honor of Rosalind Franklin and created in the framework of the joint project of the European space Agency and Roscosmos.

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