The launch of the Rover “Perseverance” was postponed for two days

NASA experts have announced a new launch date of the mission “Mars 2020” in space, he is now scheduled for July 22, 2020. This is due to the unexpected delay that occurred during the installation operation of the Rover under the fairing of the carrier rocket, reported on the website NASA.

In the framework of a new research program NASA “Mars-2020” in February 2021 in the crater Lake is to land the Rover “Perseverance”, which will search for signs of the existence of past microbial life forms on the planet, studying the Geology and climate, and will also collect soil samples for later delivery to Earth. In addition, the Rover will take to the planet’s surface drone is the Mars Helicopter, a microchip recorded on it the names of the ten millions of people, and also a plaque in honor of the physicians of the Earth who are struggling with pandemic coronavirus.

The specialists from the Kennedy Space center joined fully assembled the Rover and the drone with the system of EDLS (Entry, Descent, and Landing System), whose mission is to provide safe descent of the Rover in the Martian atmosphere and its landing on the planet. It includes a heat shield, parachute and “sky crane”.

22 Jun ready system with the Rover combined with the payload fairing of the carrier rocket Atlas V 541, but it was delayed because of a violation of the clean areas where work is underway (other details not reported). Because of this it was decided to postpone the start time of the Rover into space on 13:35 GMT July 22, 2020.

The launch will be from launch complex SLC-41 U.S. air force base at Cape Canaveral, where now are the final operations on preparation of the booster. For other delays the start you can move up to 5 August 2020, but if the “Perserverance” will not start before this date, then the launch will take immediately to 2022.

Now on Mars operating a Rover “Kyuriositi”, which can participate anyone, improved the algorithm of automatic recognition of the area.

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