The meta-analysis pointed out the relationship between chocolate and reduced risk of coronary heart disease

American scientists have found that those people who eat chocolate at least once a week, the risk of coronary heart disease by eight percent below. This was indicated by a meta-analysis of six long-term studies covering more than 336 thousand participants, of which coronary insufficiency and associated diseases was in future diagnosed in 21,7 thousand people. Report on the study published in the journal European Journal of Preventive Cardiology.

About the positive impact of cocoa and its products on health and know quite a lot. His favor provides flavonols — natural compounds, the flavonoids, which provide antioxidant effect, which, in particular, helps protect the cardiovascular system. A few years ago, researchers used meta-analyses already showedthat people who eat chocolate, the heart and blood vessels healthier, and the reason for this, apparently, is the improvement in metabolic parameters (including insulin and cholesterol) in the blood.

At the same time on separate conditions and diseases the influence of chocolate is also being studied — in this case the systematization with the help of meta-analysis is also required. Chakrit Krittayaphong (Chayakrit Krittanawong) from Baylor medical College in Texas conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of works devoted to the relationship between consumption of chocolate and coronary insufficiency — impaired blood flow in the vessels of the myocardium, which is the basis of coronary heart disease and other acute heart disease.

From related papers published from 1966 to the year 2020, scientists selected six studies with long-term design of the study (average observation of about of 8.78 years). The final sample for the meta-analyses made up 336289 members: one at 21777 during the studies were diagnosed with either coronary insufficiency or related diseases, including myocardial infarction, heart failure and stroke.

Researchers found that among those participants who consumed chocolate (one serving of approximately 30 grams) once a week or more, the risk of coronary heart disease was eight percent lower — compared to those who ate chocolate less than once a week (p < 0.001).

Despite rather large for meta-analysis sample, the study has its limitations. First, the researchers did not take into account as by variables other features of the diets of the participants — the results could affect them. Second, the study involved residents of the United States, Australia and Sweden — other countries, therefore, transfer the results of the work impossible. Also not counted and the percentage of cocoa in chocolate: in some studies this factor was key.

Also chocolate is good for immunity and brain activity: at least it pointed to data obtained in a pilot survey in 2018.

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