The microspheres floated against the flow of blood and deliver medication to cancer cells

Scientists from Germany, Turkey and the United States have created managed external magnetic field, the microspheres for the targeted delivery of drugs via the blood vessels. They are able to swim in the blood in either direction, and when in contact with cancer cells contacted with antibodies specific for such protein cells. They also contain anti-cancer drug and is capable of releasing it after attach to the cancer cells under the action of light. Article published in Robotics Science.

In medical research has long formed the direction to find methods and substances for targeted drug delivery. First of all it is necessary for drugs with significant side effects. For example, cancer chemotherapy has long been used the drug doxorubicin, which in addition to the antitumor effect has many side effects that affect many organs and body systems. One effect of this is that the dose necessary to limit, to the toxic effect of it was not critical. Through targeted delivery of the drug directly into the tumor could be at least partially avoided.

One of the most promising methods is the delivery of drugs in a specific area with controlled micro-robots. Scientists have already achieved some success in this area, but almost all of their development is limited in terms of work. Including they are unable to freely move around the blood vessels of the circulatory system, which is a universal connecting element for the different organs and potentially can act as a convenient medium for the delivery of robots to the workplace.

Metin sitti (Metin Sitti) of the Institute for intelligent systems max Planck Society and koç University with his colleagues created the microrobot (microsphere), able to move even against the current of blood. It is based on a sphere of silicon oxide with a diameter of 7.8 or 3 microns (the scientists tested two versions), one of which is covered with layers of Nickel and gold, and the second antibody to the HER2 protein and doxorubicin, related to particle through a substance, destructible under the action of ultraviolet radiation.

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