The Minister of defense of Japan published a photo of the layout hypersonic missiles

The Minister of defense of Japan Tomohiro Yamamoto in his Twitter account published photos of visited the Research centre for aviation and rocket technologies of the self defense Forces in Tokyo, one of which struck the layout of the advanced hypersonic anti-ship missiles. Its development is under the control of the Agency on procurement, technology and logistics (ATLA) of the Ministry of defense of Japan.

Caught on the photo and the layout is made in the cut and shows the main nodes of the perspective of the munition. In particular, clearly visible aerodynamic fairing, the part with warheads, fuel tank, and hybrid super – and hypersonic ramjet engine.

The development of the Japanese hypersonic anti-ship missiles conducted in 2019. The munition will be performed in two stages. The first stage will accelerate the rocket to a speed of Mach 3. At this speed will be switched to the ramjet engine in a supersonic regime. It will disperse ammunition to Mach 5 and go in the hypersonic regime, which will be able to provide flight speeds of Mach 15.

It is assumed that the hypersonic missile can fly at high altitude at hypersonic speeds and maneuver, significantly complicating its interception. The flight of the missile to the target will be a combined GPS and inertial navigation system.

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