The need to be distracted by e-mail made people sad and angry

The need to be distracted by a third-party business during the execution of a task elicits negative emotions such as sadness and fear. To such conclusion sociologists have come on the basis of experiment in which they neural network was analyzed facial expressions of people otvlekavshie writing emails. According to researchers, the manifestation of such negative emotions in the office can influence both the people and work groups. A report with the results was presented at the conference CHI 2020.

Emotions play an important role for employees. For example, studies showthat the expression of positive emotions in the workplace is associated with better interpersonal relationships, whereas the demonstration of negative emotions can lead to reduced cooperation. Most often, however, emotions are studied in the context of large-scale events such as restructuring, while their manifestation in the daily lives of workers paid less attention.

A group of scientists under the leadership of Blanca Christopher (Christopher Blank) decided to examine how the emotions of workers is affected by task switching. Past researchers already showedthat the need to be distracted by extraneous matter may be associated with the occurrence of stress in the workplace. In the new experiment, psychologists randomly divided 26 people into two groups. All the participants had 50 minutes to write an essay and reply to eight emails, but the subjects of the first group received all messages 10 minutes before the start of the main tasks, and the subjects of the second group — after 4 minutes, after answered the previous letter. In parallel, the researchers recorded the participants on video and then analyzed the data using convolutional neural networks. In the number of tracked expressions, psychologists have included anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise and calm.

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