The new Zealand military began testing electric motorcycles

The Ministry of defence of New Zealand began testing electric motorcycles collected by the new Zealand company Ubco Bikes. As he writes to Jane’s, the aim of the test is to check which tasks can perform such motorcycles in the army, how they fit into the military supply chain and maintenance and what are the electric machines in operation.

The military of several countries in recent years have become interested in ecological modes of transport, including hybrid, hydrogen and electric cars and motorcycles. In addition, the military is considering the possibility of vegetable and synthetic fuel.

The bikes, supplied the new Zealand military, will undergo tests over the next year, after which the Ministry of defence may take a decision on their acceptance into service. The mass of electric motorcycles is 65 pounds. They installed and rear, and the front motor-wheel.

With the use of recuperation when braking the movement of the motorcycle is about 120 kilometers on a single charge of the battery. The new Zealand military received the motorcycles in camouflage color, with spare parts and batteries.

Tests of motorcycles will be held in all branches of the armed forces of New Zealand.

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