The Norwegians will create a racing electric airplane

The Norwegian company Equator Aicraft announced the beginning of the development of electric racing aircraft. As writes Flightglobal, with this aircraft the company intends to participate in the first races of electric planes Air Race E, is scheduled for 2021.

Organization electric racing planes Air Race E deals startup of the same name. Yet no such competition in the world was conducted. The first test flight within the Air Race E is scheduled for late 2020, and the first official competitions are planned a year later.

In these races are expected to participate ten planes that at speeds over 400 kilometers per hour will fly on circular air track length of turn-by-turn about 1.5 km. The altitude of the race will be only about 9 meters.

Racing electric Air Race plane E, in accordance with the requirements of the competition, shall be equipped with a motor capacity of from 100 to 150 kilowatt and have a mass of from 300 to 350 pounds. The unit should initially be created solely for racing. To date, applications for participation in the race was filed by ten companies, including Equator Aircraft.

Norwegian company Equator Aircraft specializiruetsya on the development of electric aircraft. To date, it has already developed and begun flight tests of electric seaplane P2 Xcursion. In addition, the company is developing a four-seater electric plane X4 and X8 eight. Other details about the prospective aircraft were not disclosed.

At the end of last year the British company Rolls-Royce has completed Assembly of a glider electric aircraft project ACCEL, which is expected to set the speed record for aircraft of this class. The developers gave the new plane a name ionBird. The developers expect to record the speed of the aircraft will not be below 480 kilometers per hour.

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