The nozzle on the smart column taught to automatically turn off the microphone

Paranoid canadian company has introduced a device that automatically mute the microphone smart speaker, when they are not accessed by the user, reports CNET. It is a small nozzle, which recognizes an activation word and then clicks the button on the microphone. The company also introduced two other devices that perform the same function but in a different way.

Smart column by default are in a constant listen in the search activation phrase (e.g. “OK, Google”). This work algorithms perform fully locally and on the server only send it after activation. Since the accuracy of the speech recognition algorithms are not perfect, and besides, without the source code it is difficult to check whether the column works exactly in most of them there is a button to hardware disable microphone. This allows users not to worry about their privacy, but at the same time deprive them of convenience because in this case, for communication with the column will need to come and turn on the microphone.

The Paranoid company introduced three devices, allowing to combine hardware mute the microphone of a remote conversation. The simplest model Home Button is a small nozzle on the mute button. It has its own activation word “Paranoid”. In normal mode, Home Button leaves the microphone speakers turned off, but after hear the activation word is short, it includes the microphone using the actuator, to allow the user to the column, and after the command turns off back.

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