The ozone hole over the Arctic began to close

The ozone layer over the Arctic has started to recover, and unique, the ozone hole observed above the North pole the previous three months, almost closed. About it reported in a Twitter monitoring Service of the atmosphere of the European program Copernicus.

By the end of March over the North pole at a height of 18 kilometers measuring balloons NASA recorded a drop in ozone content at 90 percent. This led to the formation of the ozone hole — region inside of which the ozone concentration is below the level of 220 Dobson units. According to the German specialist in the field of atmospheric physics Damaris Martin (Martin Dameris), this event can be considered the first real appearance of the ozone hole over the Arctic. Such a phenomenon, a true rarity for the North pole, where the atmospheric characteristics variables temperature and a rare formation of pearlescent clouds — not contribute to the active destruction of the ozone, unlike the South pole, where ozone occurs annually, and is seasonal.

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