The petroglyph is from Iran saw of mantis men

Scientists from Iran and Taiwan analyzed the petroglyphs of Central provinces of Iran and concluded that it depicted a praying mantis. Being anthropomorphic and resembles the tune of “squatting man”, which is often found on the petroglyphs. The image of a praying mantis on the stone and its humanizing confirms that the mantid considered mystical creatures that exist on the border of the earthly and the supernatural world, the scientists write in an article published in Journal of Orthoptera Research.

Petroglyphs — pictures on rocks, through which people in ancient times Express their feelings and thoughts. Scientists find such pictures around the world, but to unravel their meaning is no easy task. Among others there are images of animals, for example, the large mammals that played an important role in the lives of ancient people, because they hunted them or suffered from their attacks.

It is much harder to understand why the prehistoric artists painted insects such petroglyphs are also common. Sometimes images of invertebrates generally accepted in geometric patterns, such has occurred, for example, in Iran. In this country, the petroglyphs find in the mountainous regions that were inhabited by nomadic tribes, but the artifacts, especially with Zoological motifs, until now, was poorly understood.

Scientists from Iran and Taiwan under the leadership of Mahmoud Kalahari (Mahmood Kolnegari) of Islamic Azad University studied the petroglyph that was found in the Central provinces of Iran. This image size is 11 by 14 cm was engraved on stone from 40 to four thousand years ago. More accurate control of the Dating failed because the radiocarbon Dating method in Iran cannot be applied due to international sanctions.

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