The pilots of the helicopters will arrange unloading information

The US army in 2021 will open a program development system, which will reduce the reporting burden on pilots of advanced helicopters. As writes Flightglobal, the new system is to be used on helicopters, developed in the framework of tenders FARA and FLRAApilots who, according to the military, will experience cognitive overload.

Pilots of modern military aircraft has to accept and process huge amount of information on the instrument panel in the cockpit. This data from the radar station, and various intelligence information, including data from the thermal imagers and optoelectronic systems, control the height and landscape.

The enormous flow of information quickly leads to information overload, manifested by diminished concentration, inability to make quick informed decisions and slow reactions. In combat conditions, information overload can lead to serious errors or even the death of the crew of the aircraft.

According to the preliminary requirements of the US Army, a promising system for the unloading of the information pilots need to submit a software and hardware complex. He will have to perform four tasks: automatic help in filtering important information and decision-making, processing and integrating data from different sensors, the interaction “man-machine” and the management of information flows.

In General, the system should automatically analyze and prioritize incoming information to highlight the most important for the job data and show them to the pilots. Pilots must be able to interact with the system through touch screens, voice commands, gestures or gaze. The new system should be ready for installation in new helicopters in 2026 fiscal year (will begin in October 2025).

FARA programs and FLRAA suggest the creation of a high-speed attack helicopters, reconnaissance and helicopters, respectively. These tenders are part of a larger tender FVL, announced by the U.S. Army in 2011. It involves the simultaneous conduct of several competitions for the creation of five types of new aircraft of army aviation: from reconnaissance and light shock medium to heavy transport.

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