The quantum extension of the black hole has Kruskal proved to be asymptotically correct

A study of the recently established quantum theoryexpanding the metric Kruskal-Szekeres a, which describes the geometry of spacetime for a black hole Kruskal, showed that the theory is asymptotically correct, that is closer to the Schwarzschild metric at large distance from the event horizon of a black hole. This is stated in the article, a Preprint of which is available on The theory is based on the methods of loop quantum gravity.

Metric Kruskal the Szekeres is the most physically meaningful extension of the Schwarzschild metric, which allows to glue the inner region of a black hole with the rest of the space, and in addition, has several beneficial properties. First, it is possible, that is, any geodesic can be continued indefinitely in any direction, unless she is lost inside a gravitational singularity (the Schwarzschild metric with this property is not). Second, it is analytic and has the property of simple connectivity. The light cone isdrawn on the chart kruscal the Szekeres will look exactly the same as the light cone in the Minkowski diagram in the General theory of relativity (GTR).

A notable attribute of the metric has kruscal the Szekeres is the necessity of an alternate Universe that our Universe is symmetrical, but it is impossible to get through the black hole. Here, as part of the solution there is a so-called white hole — a region of space which is symmetric inner region of a black hole, but it emits matter instead of absorbing it. You can also show that if the observer falls into a black hole, then before it perish forever in the singularity, he will be able to see light falling into a black hole from an alternate Universe.

The area between the event horizon and singularity of a black hole known as bridge of Einstein-Rosen, or non-traversable wormhole. This distinguishes them from passable wormholeproposed by the Nobel laureate Kip Thorne, which are hypothetically overcome the “tunnel” connecting two points of space-time. Despite the internal complexity and lack of evidence of their existence, such objects are often used in mass culture, because they offer a potential way to travel in space and time. So, to traverse a wormhole in “interstellar” helps the heroes to get to the remote point of the Universe, and the bridge of Einstein-Rosen repeatedly mentioned in kynoselen marvel movies as a way to travel between different worlds.

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