The rarest gorillas in the world for the first time captured on camera with a group of young

For the first time, camera traps captured a family group of Western river gorillas — the rarest subspecies of gorillas. The lens camera came adult with a small baby and several older children. As it is noted in the message to the Wildlife Conservation Society is a sign of a healthy population and evidence that measures to protect gorillas work.

According to current estimates, worldwide there are two species of gorilla: Western (Gorilla gorilla) and Eastern (G. beringei). Both species and all their subspecies are endangered because of hunting and deforestation. The deplorable situation of the Western river gorillas (G. gorilla diehli), which live in a mountainous area on the border of Nigeria and Cameroon. According to estimates zoologists, the total population of this subspecies in both countries is only about 300 individuals.

Thanks to the collaboration with local communities and specialists from the Society for protection of nature (Wildlife Conservation Society, WCS) managed to bring an end to the hunt river gorillas. However, the monkey is still afraid of people, so to study them is not easy. Instead of direct observations of zoologists have to draw conclusions based on the traces feeding the gorilla, abandoned nests and droppings. In recent years, in the Arsenal of scientists there is an automatic camera traps, but even with their help, to get image river gorillas rarely.

After reviewing a new batch of images from the traps, placed in the Nigerian mountains MBE, the researchers saw their family group Western river gorillas: an adult with a small cub on the back and several older cubs around. This is the first documented case, when the eye of scientists came such a large family group of this subspecies.

Only fifty years ago it was believed that the Western river gorilla was completely extinct in Nigeria. In the late 1980s the population was rediscovered, and today its population in the country is estimated at about 100 individuals. According to the staff of WSC, the presence of cubs is a good sign for Nigerian river gorillas. He suggests that conservation measures are working and the population has a chance at revival.

Next of kin West river gorillas — the Western lowland gorilla (G. gorilla gorilla). Some groups accustomed to man and allow zoologists to study yourself. For example, it was recently establishedthat groups of these primates, despite the constant movement, have their own territory and avoid contact with outsiders, when they are on their sites.

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