The reactors of the Russian floating nuclear power plant successfully tested

Specialists of Rosenergoatom has completed a comprehensive testing of a nuclear power plant promising a floating nuclear power plant “Akademik Lomonosov” project 20870. According to the message division in the framework of the tests, both reactor plant and power plant was brought to 100 percent capacity. Held check is considered completely successful. In the near future it is planned to transfer the “Academician Lomonosov” in the operation.

Before the introduction of nuclear power plants into operation, they are required to undergo multiple tests, including safety tests, the operation of all main and auxiliary systems. Checking the operation of nuclear reactors usually is performed at the final stage of testing. Experts estimate the stability of attitudes, the reliability of their accessories, as well as the operation of the reactors for different regimes. Mode 100% power of a nuclear installation of a floating power station “Academician Lomonosov” was transferred on 31 March 2019.

Currently under construction onshore and hydraulic facilities for a floating power plant in the town of Pevek in Chukotka, and the systems that are responsible for the transmission of electricity from the “Academician Lomonosov” in the grid “of Chukotenergo”. The floating power plant will also be responsible for the supply of hot water in heating systems plentywood. As expected, the nuclear plant will be towed to Chukotka in the summer season, and the first kilowatts of elektroenergii “Akademik Lomonosov” will be able to produce in December 2019.

In remote regions of a full-fledged nuclear power plants difficult. Therefore, alternatively, at different times have proposed various projects of self-propelled and non-propelled vessels with nuclear power units aboard. Development of floating nuclear power block “Akademik Lomonosov” took place from the mid 2000-ies. The work was carried out under the project 20870. The station was laid in 2007. This ship is intended to replace the outdated Bilibino nuclear power plant and the Chaun thermal coal power plant in the Chukotka Autonomous district.

“Academician Lomonosov” has received two pressurized-water reactor KLT-40S icebreaker-type with electric power up to 35 MW each and heat capacity of 150 megawatts. Power can be used for home heating, desalination of sea water getting to 240 thousand cubic meters of fresh water per day. The length of the vessel project 20870 is 144 meters and width 30 meters. “Academician Lomonosov” has a displacement of 21.5 tons.

In 2017, the St. Petersburg design Bureau “iceberg” has announcedthat will develop a technical project for a new multipurpose vessel of atomic-technological service that will be used, including, for recharging the ship’s nuclear reactors. It will service the promisingn nuclear icebreakers and floating nuclear power station “Academician Lomonosov”.

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