The researchers calculated black list of PIN codes in iOS and proved his uselessness

Used in iOS blacklist of simple and memorable PIN codes increases the security. Such conclusions were made by researchers from Germany and the United States, which are experimentally found the content of the blacklist PIN in iOS, but now the robot based on Raspberry Pi and LEGO, and also conducted experiments on volunteers. The article about the study will be presented at the conference IEEE SP2020 and its description published on the page of the authors.

Modern devices and Internet services almost always allow you to use long and strong passwords with different characters, many of them also allow to use two-factor authentication. However, most people do not use complex and unique passwords, and for seven years in a row the most popular password in the world is considered to be 123456. In recent years, this problem is partly mitigated due to the spread of biometric sensors for smartphones, but in some cases, for example, after a reboot, the smartphone still ask the user for a password or PIN.

Because of this, some developers, including Apple, began to warn users when they choose unreliable combination, and add support to the longer six digit PIN codes. Researchers in the field of information security under the leadership of Adam Aviv (Adam Aviv) from George Washington University decided to test the effectiveness of these methods, and figure out a specific list of PIN-codes in iOS, which Apple considers to be unreliable.

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