The Rover “Perseverance” joined with the “Heavenly crane”

NASA experts have joined the Rover “Perseverance” (Perseverance) future of the mission “Mars-2020” brake system “sky crane” and the back shell, landing module, whose task is to safely deliver the Rover to the surface of the red planet. Launching the Rover into space will take place from July 17 to August 5, 2020, reported on the website of the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

In the framework of a new research program NASA “Mars-2020” on 18 February 2021 on the red planet have landed a Rover named “Perseverance” (“Perseverance”), similar in design to the current “Curiosity”, but with an expanded set of scientific instruments and cameras. The Rover will look in the crater Lake, where in the past the river Delta, evidence of the existence of life forms in the past of Mars, study the Geology and climate, to collect sample images of the soil for subsequent delivery to Earth. He will be able to test the technologies necessary for future manned missions to the planet, such as the production of oxygen from Martian atmosphere.

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