The Russian military experienced universal engineering armored car

The Ministry of defense of has completed the testing of promising universal armored engineering vehicles WBEM, is spoken in the message of military Department. Results of the tests on the military intends to take a decision on the adoption of the new machine to the service engineering units.

The development of WBEM engaged in “Uralvagonzavod”. For the first time the car was presented to the public in 2018. UBIM is created on the basis of main battle tank T-90. Its total weight is 55 tons. The machine is equipped with engine capacity of 1.1 thousand horsepower, which allows it to reach speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour. The stock of its course is about 500 kilometers.

WBEM installed remotely controlled weapon station with a machine gun of 12.7 mm ammunition, 1,200 rounds. In the crew compartment of the machine accommodate two crew members and three sapper. WBEM equipped with a dozer blade and a traction winch for evacuation other machines.

The machine can also be equipped with hydraulic hammer for breaking concrete structures or boom with universal excavator bucket. Military intend to use new machine for laying cross-country routes, the preparation of roads, backfilling of trenches and craters, the organization of congresses in the ravines or on the banks and many other engineering works.

Currently in service with are engineering machinery obstacle clearing IMR-2 IMR-3M. They are created on the basis of main battle tanks T-72 and T-90 respectively. The machines are equipped with bulldozer blade and telescopic boom with excavation bucket.

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