The Russian military received the first three drone “Orion”

Group of companies “Kronstadt” and the Ministry of defense of signed the act of acceptance of the first unmanned aerial complex “Orion”, which is composed of three unmanned aerial vehicles long duration flight. About it as reports TASS, said the General designer of the group Nikolay Dolzhenkov. According to him, the military examined the equipment of the complex and conducted flight tests of UAVs. Now, the defense Ministry plans to conduct a trial operation of the complex.

Drone “Orion” developed the project “the Pacer” in 2011. Maximum takeoff weight is 1.2 tons, the maximum duration of flight — 30 hours, and the height is about 8 thousand meters. The drone can carry a combat load weighing up to 450 pounds. In particular, the Orion can be equipped with four missiles. In this embodiment, combat equipment the apparatus tested in Syria. In a complex “Orion” depending on customer requirements can include from three to six drones.

According to Dolzhenkov, the results of flight tests of the complex “Orion”, the military has provided additional suggestions for completion of the complex; originally they were not in the specification. In the near future “Kronstadt” will take the drones back and carry them to completion in accordance with an additional task. Other details are not specified.

Earlier it became known that began to develop a modernized version of attack drone “Altius”. The device will get the on-Board system with elements of artificial intelligence, through which the UAV can operate in automatic mode.Upgraded “Altius” will be in real-time to obtain intelligence information about the location of the air defense systems of the enemy and with its view automatically calculate the safest route of flight to the target.

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