The Russian Navy received the first production ship of the far sea zone

“Severnaya Verf” in St. Petersburg handed then Navy frigate “Admiral Kasatonov” project 22350. As writes Mil.Press FlotProm, the ceremony of transfer of the ship to the military was held on 15 July 2020. As expected, the fleet the new ship will include up to the end of July. Likely raising the Andreevsky flag on the frigate is timed to the 110th anniversary since the birth of the Soviet Admiral Vladimir Kasatonov, whose name was the ship.

Currently then Navy has a small number of ships able to operate freely in the far sea zone. These include aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” project 1143.5 “Krechet” (set for repair in the summer of 2018), the nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” project 1144 “Orlan”, three missile cruisers of project 1164 “Atlas” and eight large anti-submarine ships of project 1155 “Frigate”.

In 2018, the fleet entered the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”, head of project 22350 frigate and the first ship of the far sea zone, built in our country after the collapse of the Soviet Union. “Admiral Kasatonov” was the first serial ship of project 22350. The lead ship of any project serial traditionally is not considered because it practiced the new technologies are tested and improved systems, components and assemblies.

“Admiral Kasatonov” was founded in late 2009. Initially the launch was planned for 2011, but the deadline was regularly postponed. The descent of the frigate water held in 2014, after which the ship was long completed afloat. One of the reasons for delay called the failure to deliver a universal anti-aircraft missile system “Poliment-Redut”. It was one of the reasons for the construction delays and test, the lead ship of project 22350.

With a length of 135 meters and a width of 15 meters displacement “Admiral Gorshkov” is 5 thousand tons. The ship is capable of speeds up to 30 knots, and the range of its course is 4.9 thousand nautical miles. In addition to anti-aircraft complex “Polyment-Redoubt” the frigate is armed with a launcher of anti-ship missiles “Onyx” or “Calibre”, two anti-aircraft artillery systems of caliber of 30 millimeters and artillery of calibre of 130 mm.

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