The satellites will help the U.S. Army to direct artillery

The US army will begin using data from observation satellites for precise aiming of artillery on targets that are far out of sight. About it as writes C4ISRNET, said the head of the command for perspective systems of the US Army General Mike Murray. According to him, such a system has already passed preliminary tests.

Currently in the US Army has a program ERCA, involving a significant increase in the range and accuracy of artillery and missile systems. Under this program, which started in mid-2010 years, is planned as the modernization of existing weapons and develop new ones. For long-range artillery will need guidance.

According to Murray, testing the guidance systems of artillery at the target satellite took place on one of the polygons in Germany in February and March. Satellites used for guidance of jet volley fire systems M270 MLRS and M777 howitzers. Held the test was deemed successful.

Earlier it was reportedthat an American company General Atomics began the finalization of unmanned aerial vehicle long-endurance MQ-1C Gray Eagle in version, which could be used to restore tactical ballistic missiles.

The device will get radar Block 30A Lynx synthetic aperture mode and the detection and identification of ground and surface targets. With this radar the UAV will be able to detect and identify enemy ground targets and transmitting data targeting the launchers of the missiles.

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