The scientific journal withdrew from 434 scientific articles

Algerian the scientific journal Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences withdrew from 434 scientific articles from three issues of the journal is the most massive one-time opinion articles during the existence of the popular blog Retraction Watch, which tells the story.

According to the description on the website of the journal Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences is a peer-reviewed scientific journal of wide profile, with Jan 2015 is released in open access format (i.e. the readers of the article is available free) the faculty of science and technology, University of El Oued in Algeria. Articles are published in both English and French.

As noted Retraction Watch, all of the 434 articles, withdrawn from the magazine, now replaced by a brief message about opinion “at the request of the chief editor and organizer of the conference, which was presented in a published work.” Chief editor of the Touami Lanes told the blog that the three withdrawn issue of the magazine came out in agreement with the Czech scientific society USAR (did not respond to a request for Retraction Watch about comments), on the basis of their scientific conference ICCMIT’18. At the time of the articles the magazine was included in the prestigious database Web of Science journals, but was expelled from it in July 2018 — Lanes did not answer the question of why the journal was excluded. After that, the society USAR contacted the magazine and demanded to withdraw articles that they could go in another journal list Web of Science.

Editor Clarivate Analytics’ Web of Science Nandita Quaderi told Retraction Watch that the evaluation in the beginning of 2018 Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences were recognized as not meeting the criteria for inclusion in one of the database indices, Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI). “We are troubled by a large number of articles, which were published in supplementary issues of journals and did not meet its stated theme,” said Quaderi, which added that what is happening with the magazine after its exclusion from the WoS, the operator does not intervene.

The authors write that this is not the first time that scientists are unhappy that their article was published in the journal, which subsequently was expelled from the important for their database of publications: a similar case occurred with the journal Oncotarget, who was quite suddenly excluded from the bases of the company Clarivate (supports Web of Science) and the American public databases MEDLINE articles. Then the authors of the blog asked for comments to the scientists, claimed as leading authors in the articles one of the rooms, and found that many of them would not have to submit their articles in Oncotarget, if I’d known about his fate.

Prior to this a record number of retracted articles (the blog does not specify whether it was a one-time reviews) differed journals Journal of Biological Chemistry (274 articles), Tumor Biology (159 articles), and quite a prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 106 revoke articles.

Sometimes journals retract articles for less serious reasons: for example, the Springer publishing house in 2016 has withdrawn two scientific articles published in error — in the logs was an accident article, until then, rejected at the stage of peer review. Sometimes the articles are withdrawn and the authors themselves, and it happens that these authors are Nobel prize winners. On these and other news from the world of scientific discoveries , read our article.

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