The second Japanese destroyer PRO new generation has started testing

Japanese missile defense destroyer “Haguro”, the second and last ship of the new generation project 27DDG, has started sea trials. As writes Naval News, tests of the ship began on 23 June 2020 in Yokohama. As expected, the composition of the Maritime self-defense forces of Japan the destroyer will be included in 2021.

Destroyer “Haguro” has a length of 169,9 meters and a width of 22.2 metres. Displacement of the ship is 8.2 thousand tons. The destroyer is capable of speeds up to 30 knots. The ship, which is a development of a series of destroyers “ATAGO”, equipped with the upgraded combat information and control system with Aegis interceptor missiles SM-3 Block IIA.

The composition of the Maritime self-defense forces the new destroyer, launched in 2018, will join the cast of destroyers, missile defense of the “ATAGO” (two ships), “Congo” (four ships) and “May” (one ship). The latter also built under the project 27DDG, became part of the Japanese fleet in March this year.

In early March, 2020 Maritime self-defense force of Japan has adopted in its composition of diesel-electric submarine “Yelling” of the “Soryu”. The world’s first military submarine with Li-ion rather than the traditional lead-acid batteries.

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