The second telescope of the Observatory “Spektr-RG” completed the first survey of the entire sky

German eROSITA telescope aboard the Observatory “Spektr-RG”, completed its first sky survey in the soft x-ray range. Thus, thanks to the Observatory astronomers have constructed two detailed maps of the entire sky in soft and hard x-ray ranges: they contain more than half a million individual sources, reported on the website of the space research Institute of RAS.

Space Observatory “Spektr-RG” is equipped with two mirror telescopes (wide anglen ART-XC and eROSITA German): they operate on the principle of x-ray optics oblique incidence and is installed on then platform “Navigator”. According to the plan, over the 6.5 years of operation, “Spektr-RG”, being on a halo orbit around the Lagrange point L2 in the system “Sun — Earth”, will conduct an in depth overview of the entire celestial sphere in the soft and hard x-ray bands (more on this can be read in our material “We will carry out a total census”).

10 June 2020 telescope ART-XC has completed its first survey of the entire sky, and on June 11 made it and the telescope eROSITA. Data processing of observations studied two groups ofn and German astrophysicists, each of which was responsible for its half of the celestial sphere. Data from the telescope, allowed for an x-ray map of the entire sky with a total area of 41253 square degrees: it contains a half a million x-ray sources. The highest density sources (700 objects per square degree) is observed at the poles of the Ecliptic, where the detail map maximum because of the large time of observations.

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