The silent pandemic

Zone “starry sky”

In 1961, the British surgeon Denis Burkitt of living and practicing in Kenya, came to London to clear my mind and at the same time to read a few lectures to students and colleagues who loved to hear the stories from Burkitt on the specifics of his work on the African continent. This time his speech was devoted to why he is going to soon go to a three-month journey of ten thousand miles through six African countries. To this enterprise, which later will be included in the history of medicine as “the long Safari”, the doctor encouraged that for several years he has encountered similar cases of jaw and abdominal tumors in children in your hospital. By the 61st year of Burkitt described 38 cases of children under the age of 7 years and a few adults. They’re all on the histology resembled a starry sky: among small lymphocytopenia scattered large cells with pale cytoplasm of macrophages.

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