The su-57 will be more electric

An upgraded version of the advancedn su-57 will become more electric. As writes the newspaper “Izvestia”, citing sources in the military-industrial complex, the developers started to create electro-mechanical drive systems, which will fully replace the aircraft hydraulic system. It is expected that the upgraded su-57 made its first flight in 2022.

The concept of more electrical aircraft involves the use on Board the aircraft and more electric systems. One of the variants of the concept, for example, provides for the rejection of large-scale hydraulic system and its replacement by a local electro-hydraulic units controlled by wire. Another option involves replacing the hydraulic system is fully electro-mechanical. In total this solution increases the power consumption of the Board, but can significantly reduce the weight of onboard equipment.

Currently, the experts are engaged in the creation of an Electromechanical drive system control surfaces. It is assumed that the decision on combat aircraft will significantly increase its maneuverability. In addition, the absence of complex and heavy hydraulic systems will simplify the maintenance of the su-57. In addition, the developers expect that the rejection of the hydraulic system in favor of electro-mechanical reduce the radar signature of a fighter. It is expected that tests of the upgraded version of the fighter the last two years.

Serial production of the su-57, the development of which was conducted with the 1990-ies, began this summer. Su-57 is currently in trial operation. Earlier, the military declared that on arms of the machine will be accepted until the end of 2019, but because of the incident with the crash of the su-57 during a test flight in December last year the deadline was moved. To date, then defense Ministry has ordered 76 new fighters.

Basic information on project su-57 is classified. It is known only that the new aircraft can carry in the internal weapons bays of missiles and bombs total weight of up to 4.2 tons. In addition, fighters will be equipped with eight external points of suspension for aircraft armament. Su-57 is adopted in two stages. In the first phase, the troops will begin to enter combat aircraft with engines AL-41F1. In the second phase, the su-57 will receive the engines for the fifth generation is still referred to as “product 30”.

In January of the current year specialists of the Institute № 7 “Robotic and intelligent systems” the Moscow aviation Institute and the company “Hydraulic engineering” experienced electro-hydraulic steering PM.00. It is developed especially for more electric passenger, freight and military transport aircraft. Drive PM.00 able to operate in two modes: from the Central hydraulic system of the aircraft or from the electrical grid. Work on electrical power while is regarded as a backup mode.

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