The Sun appeared “radiobeta” new cycle

In the Sun after a break that lasted more than a month, there is a new spot — a new active area, which was code AR2758, according to the edition of SpaceWeather. The polarity of the magnetic fields in this region indicates that this spot refers to the new, the 25th solar cycle, and therefore the Sun is gradually starting to get out of a deep minimum of activity.

The most visible manifestation of the 11-year cycle of fluctuations of solar activity — change periods with a large number of spots (peaks of activity) and periods of almost complete absence (lows). From 1749, scientists record the position and number of sunspots, each cycle is assigned a number, it is the end of the 24th cycle. The appearance of spots — areas with very strong magnetic fields, which look darker due to the “horizontal” component of the solar magnetic field. In addition to the dipole field, similar to earth’s, the Sun has a horizontal component field, which appears due to the different speed of rotation of the outer and inner layers of the star. When the outer layers ahead of the inner, they are pulling for the magnetic field lines forming the horizontal component of the field. In areas where tube of this field come to the surface, and there are sun spots.

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