The Swedes tested the radar with the AESA for Gripen fighters

Swedish company Saab has started flight tests of the upgraded radar PS-05/A with an active phased antenna array is designed for installation on the fighter JAS-39C/D Gripen. According to the message , the first flight of the fighter JAS-39D with a new radar took place on 8 April 2020, lasted 90 minutes and was found to be completely successful.

Radar with an active phased antenna array has better performance than pulse-Doppler radar stations. Such radars are currently equipped with a fighter JAS-39C/D. Active phased array antenna works on the principle of phase control signals.

Due to the change in phase of the signals radiated by different receiving and transmitting modules, radar AFAR manage to form a powerful directional beam, and its direction can be changed. In the end, AESA radars are devoid of moving parts, which simplifies maintenance.

Radars with active phased antenna array capable of scanning a space with more frequency than pulse-Doppler station. At the same radar with an AESA capable of detecting airborne targets at much greater distance.

Radar PS-05/A received the active phased antenna lattice, consisting of transmit-receive modules based on gallium nitride. In total the antenna field consists of 500 modules. The radar is designed so that its installation on the fighter JAS-39C/D will not require rework systems power and cooling.

The flight tests of the radar station will last about four months. Modified fighter JAS-39D with a new radar under test will perform 15 flights, during which will be checked by the radar in different modes, and evaluated its accuracy.

Currently Saab is engaged in the testing of fighter aircraft JAS-39E/F, new generation combat aircraft of the Gripen. These aircraft are equipped with radar with active phased antenna array Raven ES-05, designed by the Italian concern Leonardo.

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