The Swedish gambit

A strong starting hand

Demographic, economic, and political indicators, Sweden was one of the most ready-to-epidemic countries. In the ranking of John Hopkins University, which measures the preparedness of countries to a variety of hazards to the health, Sweden ranks seventh in the world and third in Europe — after Britain and the Netherlands.

Joke that the Swedes practiced social distancing pandemic long before COVID-19.

52 percent of the Swedish households consist of one person — significantly more than the European average (33%), the population density is 23 people per square kilometer (159-first in the world).

In addition, the last ten years in Sweden grew rapidly, the proportion of people who regularly work remotely. According to some estimates, by 2018, she became the first in Europe: according to the survey, the share of working from home was 20 percent and periodically to the “distance” was used 68 percent of the Swedes.

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