The Swiss spoke about the flight tests of air taxi operations with rotary wing

The Swiss company Dufour Aerospace has built a prototype of a commuter jet with rotary wing aEro 2 and conducted his flight tests. The company’s specialists have already completed the first phase of testing, which included 550 flights, and showed a recording of one of them.

In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the popularity of the concept of a small electric aircraft that is designed to work as a air taxi. Society vertical aviation (Vertical Flight Society) recently announcedthat there are already 300 projects of electric and hybrid vehicles vertical takeoff and landing, including the concepts. They have different designs, which can be divided into two main types: multicopter with horizontal sash screws and apparatus with a variable thrust vector. In the second category there are many different variations. For example, in Lilium Jet uses two fixed-wing and 30 rotary fans, while Bell Helicopter Nexus 4EX , there are four huge rotary fan.

Dufour aEro 2 created by the scheme of the aircraft with four screw engines on the wing, but wing is able to turn during takeoff and landing it is oriented vertically relative to the ground, and once the device is off, is gradually rotated, and the phone is in horizontal flight mode. Due to this most of the flight, the engines operate at 20 percent of its maximum thrust and consume much less energy, but the device stays the ability to land and take off in a small area.

For the first time Dufour Aerospace presented the project in 2018, and now he told that he already had 550 flights of the prototype showing one of them on video. You can see that the prototype differs in design from the original rendering: it uses four screws instead of two. The original draft twin-screw double unit meant that it can accelerate to 320 kilometers per hour and fly up to 120 kilometers on a single charge. It is unknown whether it will maintain the machine with new design these characteristics.

Projects air taxi develop not only startups, but also large manufacturers of aircraft. For example, Boeing has a prototype air taxi NeXt with sash and one pusher propeller, and Airbus such project two: one has four large rotary fan, and the second two pairs of rotary wings.

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