The team from Russia won the international Olympiad Romanian Master of Mathematics

Representatives Of Then
Federation won five gold medals at the 12th international mathematical
the Olympics Romanian Master of Mathematics. All students from received the highest
the awards, which ensured the team first place in the team standings. Absolute
the winner in the individual competition was the representative of Serbia. Results
published on the official website of the event.

International Olympiad
Romanian Master of Mathematics is an annual competition for pupils
held in the Romanian capital Bucharest. For the first time the competition was held in
2008. Initially, the only object of the competition was mathematics,
but then in some years it began to add physics, chemistry and computer science.

The event is held
same rules as the more famous competitions, such as the international
mathematical Olympiad and international physics Olympiad. According to the regulations students
execute individual assignments within two days. In each of the tours
you need 4.5 hours to solve three tasks. The winners are determined by personal and
team classifications.

In 2020
was represented by a team of five people, each of which entered the top ten
strongest in the individual competition and received a gold medal. This provided
Then victory in the team standings with a total rating of 91 points. In second place
turned out to be the team with 85 points, the third — USA with 78.

In then national team
included Ivan Gaidai-Turlov (“the Fifty seventh school”, Moscow), Danila Demin
(gymnasium No. 8 in Sochi), Konstantin Myasnikov (physico-mathematical Lyceum # 31, Chelyabinsk),
Daniel Sibgatullin (Lyceum № 131, Kazan,) and Maxim Turevski (Presidential
physics and mathematics Lyceum No. 239, Saint-Petersburg). Preparation for
the competition involved the mathematics teacher Presidential
physics and mathematics Lyceum No. 239, Saint Petersburg Kirill Sukhov, associate Professor
Moscow Institute of physics and technology Pavel Kozhevnikov and analyst at the Center
pedagogical skills Alexander Antropov.

This year
the Olympics were the representatives of the 19 teams — a total of 107 students. In
in most cases, each participating country was represented by one team, but
from Romania competed a few, but Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark
presented jointly by the same team. The next important contest of schoolchildren
will be the 61-th international mathematical Olympiad that will be held in
St. Petersburg from 8 to 18 July 2020.

Earlier, then students received 10 medals at the International Olympiad on astronomy and astrophysics, has won two silver and five bronze medals at the Olympics in linguistics and took second place at the International Olympiad in Informatics.

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