The territory of the black death

At the end of August 2017 31-year-old man boarded a bus from Tamatave, a small village near the capital of Madagascar, in the town of Ankazobe. When he arrived, felt sick: fever, then came the weakness and cough. The doctor put the visitor the diagnosis “malaria”. What is the treatment appointed the doctor to the patient is unknown, but we know something else: four days later, the man decided to return home. Back on the bus. He felt unwell: cough increased, the temperature does not fall down. Home traveler got: on the bus, his condition deteriorated and he died. His body was taken to the nearest hospital, and then buried.

About two weeks in the Madagascar capital Antananarivo due to respiratory failure, the woman died. Sowing showed a large number of Yersinia pestis in sputum. It later emerged that shortly before her death she met with 31-the summer passenger of the bus from Ankazobe to Tamatave. It then recognizes the who patient zero the largest in the last decades of the epidemic the plague of 2017, which has infected more than 2.5 thousand residents of the island killed 202 of them.

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