The Turks have experienced anti-ship missile launch at long range

Turkish armed forces together with Roketsan has tested anti-ship cruise missile ATMACA, of the first ammunition of this class developed in the country. As informs news Agency “Anadolu”, the rocket experienced launch in the far distance. Held check was deemed successful.

In 2014 the Turkish government adopted a program involving active development of the military-industrial complex and the development of the original types of weapons and military equipment, which could compete on the world market with the American andn samples.

Through this program, Turkish authorities expect to significantly reduce the country’s dependence on imported weapons, as well as to increase the volume of military exports. The development of anti-ship cruise missiles are part of this program.

During the test the missile ATMACA struck the designated target at a distance of over 200 kilometers. In all, the development and testing of ammunition is almost completed; ATMACA planned to adopt before the end of 2020.

Turkish anti-ship missile is being developed since 2012. Weight of the munition is 800 pounds with a length from 4.8 to 5.2 meters depending on the version, and the wingspan of 1.4 meters. Ammunition is created for land and naval launchers. Under the project, the missile is capable of hitting targets at ranges of up to 220 kilometers.

ATMACA equipped with armor-piercing high-explosive warhead weighing 250 kilograms. The missile is equipped with inertial and GPS navigation systems. The control system allows to cancel the attack on the target, and retarget the munition in flight.

Last year it became knownthat Turkey began the development of the submarine project MILDEN. The first submarine of the Turkish development will be delivered to the fleet by 2040. The project involves the creation of diesel-electric submarines with airindependent power plant.

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