The U.S. air force has begun to write off the aircraft refueling Extender

The U.S. air force began decommissioning refueling aircraft KC-10 Extender, which will gradually replace the new KC-46 Pegasus. As writes Air Force Magazine, 13 July 2020, the military has written off the first aircraft of this type. He served for 33 years, flew more than 33 million hours and loaded with air at about 125 thousand aircraft. The water ceremony salutes producing a decommissioned aircraft took place at the airbase in new Jersey.

Decommissioned aircraft has the number “860036”. After withdrawal from the composition of the aircraft fleet of air force aircraft was sent to the platform 309 of the first group for the maintenance and repair of aerospace engineering (AMARG) in Arizona, also known as “Cemetery” (the Boneyard). In total, the military intends to write off the 59 planes Extender; they’ll all go to the Cemetery. Part of the aircraft will be dismantled for parts and part canned.

Extender was developed in the late 1970-ies on the basis of passenger DC-10 aircraft. First flight of the tanker aircraft made in 1980 year and was adopted in 1981. “Flying tanker” has a length of 55.4 meters, wingspan of 50.4 meters and a height of 17.7 feet. Maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft is 268,9 tons. KC-10 can carry up to is 165.5 tons of fuel.

“Flying tanker” can fly at speeds up to 866 kilometers per hour on distance to 7.1 thousand kilometers.

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