The U.S. military will conduct experiments on the purification of the cosmos from nuclear contamination

The us military is preparing to test three ways
removal of energetic particles from the radiation belts of the Earth. Pollution
this kind of result from space nuclear explosions, and for
long time can disrupt satellites until their failure,
reports Science.

After the Second world war the US and USSR conducted many
the testing of nuclear weapons. Before the signing in 1963 of the Moscow Treaty banning
testing in the atmosphere, in outer space and under water explosions
was conducted in all environments.

One of the first American space test was Starfish
Prime held on 9 July 1962, when the military detonated the bomb with a capacity of 1.4
megatons at the altitude of 400 kilometers. Initially it was thought that relatively
the few existing at that time, the satellites will not feel
exposure while were away from the centre of detonation. However, for
the next few months, several devices have failed, including
the first telecommunications satellite Telstar.

It later turned out that the reason was to capture magnetic
field of the Earth many high energy electrons that appear due to
explosion. These particles for a long time remain in orbit of the planet, entering the existing
the radiation belts or forming a new one. Over time, the particles lose energy and
encounter with the atmosphere — this “space draft” occur constantly, however
at an altitude of several hundred kilometers, the concentration of the substance is low, which
such interaction is unable to keep orbit dramatically
the resulting particles.

Today, such testing was banned, besides, most
owning nuclear weapons countries in orbit is a satellite array, a
of which will be damaged by a powerful explosion. However, a number of countries, such
as North Korea and Iran, is close to or has already developed nuclear weapons, while
not having a valuable constellation of satellites. In this regard, the American military admit
possible attack on the part of these States.

This danger prompted the U.S. military to start developing
methods of cleaning outer space from the effects of a nuclear explosion, if
it cannot be prevented. This process called recovery
radiation belts (radiation belt remediation) is controlled
strengthening the natural course of the reduction of the particle concentration by
radio waves.

Key data on the interaction of the radiation of space and
Of the earth with high-energy electrons were obtained in the framework of the van Allen probes (the last of which was cut recently), who repeatedly crossed the border of the radiation belts. Now
scientists along with the military intend to learn how to manage these processes. For
suitable sources of super-long radio waves such as HAARP, a radio telescope Observatory
Arecibo or used to communicate with submarines towers.

However, the most effective should be located
in space the radiation sources. With this aim, the us military launched in the summer
2019 orbit dipole antenna, DSX, which they call the largest
unmanned structure in space. The objective of this installation of about
five thousand square metres is to irradiate the radiation belts very long
radio waves and measuring the number of falling particles.

For 2021 it is planned to launch two more similar experiments
directional — Beam Plasma Interactions Experiment Space and Measurements of a
Rocket-Released Turbulence. The first of these is a miniature
a particle accelerator that emits dispersed electrons, which, in turn,
will be a source of the desired radio waves. The second relies on a different principle — launch
in the upper atmosphere of 1.5 kg of barium atoms. These particles will be ionized
the sunlight and create a ring movable plasma high above the surface
Of the earth, which will also be the source of radio waves.

Besides military purposes, these experiments may have
peaceful purpose: so you can try to temporarily move
natural radiation belts, thereby reducing the radiation burden on departing
a long journey the astronauts.

Previously, scientists used seismic waves from underground nuclear testing to verify supervisee the Earth’s core. We also did a detailed material about the places in our country where nuclear explosions used for peaceful purposes — “Bomb farm”.

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