The U.S. Navy received the destroyer of darkness a second time

The U.S. Navy announced the completion of the second stage of acceptance of the destroyer “Elmo zumwalt”, received in may 2016. According to the message Command of shipbuilding and armament of the U.S. Navy, the acceptance documents were signed on April 24, 2020. Soon the ship should proceed to the evaluation and comprehensive sea trials.

“Elmo zumwalt” is the lead ship of the eponymous project. Its construction was conducted in 2010 by the American company General Dynamics. At the end of October 2013, the destroyer launched. The ship was built with extensive use of stealth technology, was named in honor of Admiral Elmo Russell Elmo zumwalt Jr., who led the naval operations of the U.S. Navy from 1970 to 1974.

Destroyer “Elmo zumwalt” can reach speeds up to 30 knots. He is armed with 20 launchers Mk. 57 VLS 80 missiles, two 155-millimeter cannon and two anti-aircraft guns Mk. 110 57 mm caliber. The destroyer will be based one helicopter SH-60 Sea Hawk and three UAVs MQ-8 Fire Scout.

Unlike the vast majority of other ships taken into service of the U.S. Navy, “Elmo zumwalt” is a complex multi-step process of acceptance. The first phase took place in may 2016, when the U.S. Navy took the body and energy system of the ship and began his advanced test.

In April 2020 have been re-acceptance of the “Elmo zumwalt”, but in terms of weapons. Now the ship will proceed to the final stage of acceptance evaluation and comprehensive testing. Curiously, while the ship has listed to the Pacific fleet of the US Navy, but adopted not yet adopted.

As writes in USNI News, after the completion of the next phase of testing in 2021 it is planned to declare initial operational readiness of the “Elmo zumwalt”, that is actually to take the vehicle into service. This multi-stage procedure of acceptance of the destroyer and taking it on Board was required due to the extreme technical complexity of the ship.

In total, the fleet of the U.S. Navy must be composed of three destroyers of the “Elmo zumwalt”. In 2019, the US Navy received second ship of the project — “Michael Moncure”. Also underway is the completion of afloat the third ship — “Lyndon Johnson”. Initially, the Pentagon planned to buy a series of 32 destroyers of the “Elmo zumwalt”, but due to lack of funds reduced the order to three ships.

All destroyers of the “Elmo zumwalt” is designed in the concept of more electric vehicles. Destroyers equipped with gas turbine units and generators that feed the electric motors and onboard systems.

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