The US air force announced a competition for the creation of a “brain” for unmanned wingmen

The U.S. air force announced a tender for the development and production of artificial intelligence systems that will drive future unmanned wingmen. As writes Flightglobal, applications for participation in the tender, carried out in the framework of Skyborg, will be accepted until June 15, 2020. For tendering and overseeing engineering meets Research laboratory United States air force.

The program Skyborg is carried out by the us military over the past few years. Works are conducted simultaneously on several projects: the creation of a relatively cheap combat drones maneuvering and control algorithms for such devices. It is assumed that pilots will be able to manage such drones on the level of the standard flight mission.

The tender announced in the framework of Skyborg, involves the development of prototypes of hardware-software complex, which would allow the Navigator to double the fighter to control multiple slave unmanned vehicles.

The software system should be made in a modular fashion. This means that additional functionality can be added to the system by downloading new modules and not the full update firmware. Air force plans to adopt unmanned wingmen, and a new management system at the earliest in 2023.

In may 2020, the Australian division of the American aircraft building concern Boeing has conducted the rollout of the first flight model of promising unmanned Loyal wingman Wingman. Its development is carried out in the framework of the project Airpower Teaming Systems.

Loyal Wingman has a length of 11 meters and a wingspan of 11.7 metres. The device is made modular. The payload for the drone will be placed in replacement of the nasal compartments with a length of 2.6 meters. The unit will be able to perform flights on distance up to 3.7 thousand kilometers, bringing additional weapons or detection systems and surveillance.

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