The US air force has launched a competition for hacking a military satellite

The U.S. air force has opened registration for the contest Hack-A-Sat, in which teams of programmers and engineers will have to control the satellite in orbit. The qualifying stage will be held in late may, and the final stage of the burglary of the equipment shall pass at DEF CON in August, reported on the website of the competition.

Usually the word hacker meant the attacker, but there are also “ethical hackers” — developers are investigating the hacking software in order to help its creators to fix the vulnerability. Many large companies support such developer programs “Bug Bounty”, as well as participate in specialized conferences, such as Pwn2Own. Participating in them, hackers get great rewards and, as a rule, the object of hacking: for example, the conference Pwn2Own 2019 two participants hacked into the onboard computer of the electric car Tesla Model 3, and in addition to money received the car itself.

However, if large IT companies such practice is considered standard, the military Agency only recently started similar programs. In 2016 the US Federal government conducted the first such competition “Hack the Pentagon”, and in 2019, the U.S. air force provided the first researchers in the field of information security real fighting machine — the F-15. As a result, hackers have managed to find critical vulnerabilities. Soon after, the military announced that in 2020 will hold a similar contest, but the object for burglary will be the first satellite.

April 22, the organizers have opened registration for participation in the competition. A month later, on may 22, will begin a 48-hour qualification for approved teams. During it the team will get the job on the subject of the competition, to take decisions and to receive new tasks. According to the results of the finals will select the 10 teams, of which the last two will be spare in case you need to replace someone of the eight major commands.

The final part also will take place in two phases: the first command will try to access real satellite hardware on the Ground, and on the second they try to access one of the main systems of a real satellite in orbit, which is still unknown. In addition, it is unknown what the satellite will be used for this.

After the qualifying and final rounds teams will need to provide the article with a description of the methods of forced entry or of a problem-solving competition. On the basis of qualifications participants will receive 15 thousand dollars for the team, and after the final the prizes will be able to qualify three teams with the best result: the first will receive 50 thousand dollars, the second will get 30 thousand, and the third will receive 20 thousand.

The us military is already faced with break-ins of their equipment. For example, last year they said about a few hacks on-Board systems Stryker armored vehicles.

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