The US air force will be engaged in the borrowing of technologies of air taxi

United States air force 27 April 2020 will launch the program of financing of civil projects, the development of air taxi and hybrid aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing. As writes Flightglobal, the program was named Prime Agility, and its follow-up military expect to get the technologies that can be used in military equipment.

Funding to civil society development is one way to significantly reduce the cost of development of arms and military equipment. The vast majority of civil projects aimed at commercialization and luck out on large volumes of mass production. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in the cost of production, which later acquire military.

According to experts, the U.S. air force, the results of Agility Prime military can get technology to reduce the cost of maintenance and time of maintenance and development in the field of automated unmanned flight.

In addition, the programs can be developed technology, reduction of noise of aviation technology and distributed propulsion. Finally, the military and expect to get the technology to make aircraft independent of the infrastructure, including runways.

The Agility Prime will be directly connected with the tender which the US air force plan to announce in the near future. This tender provides for rapid prototyping and testing of electric and hybrid aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing.

According to the military requirements, these devices must be able to carry 3 to 8 people at a distance of 160 kilometers. Cruising speed of aircraft must not be less than 160 kilometers per hour. They should be able to stay in the air for at least one hour. Take the new aircraft into service is planned in 2023.

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