The US air force will receive three aircraft to search for traces of nuclear explosions

American company L3Harris in may 2020, will start to refurbish the aircraft-a KC-135R Stratotanker aircraft to search for traces of nuclear explosions WC-135R Constant Phoenix. As writes the Omaha World Herald, the first converted aircraft will receive the 55th wing, assigned to the air base, “Offet” in Nebraska.

Currently in the US Arsenal are two specialized aircraft WC-135 Constant Phoenix, with equipment to collect atmospheric samples and detection of zones of high radiation. These planes were delivered to the military in the mid 1960-ies and have become obsolete.

In the framework of the alteration of the flying tankers, the aircraft will lose the gas equipment. Instead, the measurement of background radiation, and devices for sampling. In addition, to reinvent the aircraft will be modernized on-Board systems.

In total, L3Harris will apply three aircraft, the first of which will be handed over to the military in 2022. After the US air force will receive all ordered WC-135R, the two existing aircraft of this type will be charged.

In 1963 the USSR, USA and Britain signed the “Treaty banning nuclear weapon tests in the atmosphere, in outer space and under water”. Then the Treaty was opened for signature by other countries, and was joined by 131 States. The agreement, known as the “Moscow Treaty” means the monitoring of nuclear tests, including using different technical means.

The USAF used the aircraft WC-135 as the control systems for the implementation of the “Treaty of Moscow”. Data on systems installed on the aircraft are classified.

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