The US air force will replace the Reaper drones in 2030

The command of the U.S. air force released a request for information on unmanned aerial vehicles, which will begin to replace the troops attack drones MQ-9 Reaper. As writes Flightglobal, to take new devices into service military plans in 2031.

In accordance with the requirements of the U.S. air force, the new drone should get a few new technologies that can significantly outperform the MQ-9. Among them, high autonomy, the intellectualization of the Board and system with an open architecture. In addition, the apparatus should be relatively inexpensive, its loss was not financially sensitive.

Strike UAV MQ-9 entered service with the US air force in 2007. The military uses these devices for reconnaissance, intelligence and surveillance, as well as to strike ground targets. To date, the program Reaper was built about 160 units.

MQ-9 has a length of 11 meters, a height of 3.8 meters and a wing span of 20 meters. The drone can fly at speeds of 300 kilometers per hour and its range is 1.2 thousand kilometers. The device is able to remain airborne up to 14 hours. Reaper has seven points of suspension for missiles and bombs weighing up to 1.7 tons.

In mid-may 2020 the US air force announced a tender for the development and production of systems of artificial intelligence that will drive future unmanned wingmen. Applications for participation in the tender, carried out in the framework of Skyborg, will be accepted until June 15, 2020. For tendering and overseeing engineering meets Research laboratory United States air force.

The tender announced in the framework of Skyborg, involves the development of prototypes of hardware-software complex, which would allow the Navigator to double the fighter to control multiple slave unmanned vehicles.

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