The us military will acquire weather satellites to assess the state of the ionosphere

Us company Ball Aerospace defended the project meteorological satellite WSF (Weather System Follow-on satellite satellite tracking weather conditions), the development of which is on the order of the Cosmic forces of the United States. As writes C4ISRNET in the near future the company intends to assemble the first prototype of the spacecraft.

The weather forecast is extremely important for military operations because it allows you to plan flights, moving ships and ground fighting. The us military is already using data from meteorological satellites, GOES, NOAA, Suomi NPP and JPSS, however, the Space forces of the United States, data from these devices is not enough.

Promising WSF satellite will gather data about the drive vector winds at the ocean, tropical cyclone intensity and density of charged particles in low earth orbit. In addition, these data will be used to plan the operation of the fleet, as well as to predict possible communication interruptions and to assess the state of the ionosphere.

The WSF will receive the satellite passive microwave radiometer and the sensor of charged particles. Other details about the prospective spacecraft is not specified. The development of the WSF is 2017. To launch the first satellite of this kind in space is scheduled in 2024.

Earlier it became knownthat the Ministry of defense plans to announce a tender for the development and deployment of a satellite network exchange data, which will be applied to a mesh topology. The winners of the tender it is planned to choose in August, and in the summer of 2022, the army intends to launch the first segment of a network consisting of 20 spacecraft.

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