The us military will get new camouflage for armored vehicles

The US army announced its intention to order one of the companies developing a new system of masking, which allows relatively fast and reliable technique to hide in the campaign and during the stop. As reports Jane’s, the military had already published a request for information about such developments. Applications will be accepted until August 8, 2020.

Today for the camouflage of military equipment in field conditions, mainly used plants specific to the area (they tuck machine), or camouflage nets. Both these approaches provide only a visual disguise, and not in all cases.

At the request of the U.S. Army, a new masking system must do the technique less visible as in visible and in infrared and ultraviolet ranges. The system must have a set of sensors operating in the ultraviolet, visible, near, middle and far infrared spectra, as well as in the radar range of electromagnetic waves with frequency from 1 to 100 gigahertz.

While the military did not insist that the masking system must do the covered equipment totally invisible on the background of the landscape. New camouflage system can also operate on the principle of distortion of size and shape of the covered equipment, to complicate its identification.

In 2016, the engineers of Cornell University and the Laboratory of marine biology presented the method of creating an inflatable bulk structures of arbitrary shape and asked to use it, including most likely to create embossed camouflage.

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